Five Simple Ways To Keep Skin Flawless: No Purchase Necessary

August 19, 2014

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We’re not afraid to admit it: skin care products will only get your skin so far. It doesn’t matter what fancy stuff you’re putting on if you’re gobbling down chocolate bars, cramming in sleep and making frequent trips to the wine cellar (don’t get us wrong, if we could do those things and still have flawless looking skin, we’d be All Over It).

For skin to look its best the approach has to be holistic. Yes, feed your face quality skin care products (ahem, the Kari Gran system), but don’t forget the best things you can do come naturally and free!

>>Hydrate: It’s so simple but so true. Water helps keep skin looking and feeling great. Hydrated skin is plumped up, happy, moisturized skin. Dehydrated skin is dried up skin that brings fine lines and wrinkles to the forefront. Pick yourself up a stylish water bottle and drink, drink, drink throughout the day! Beyond the bottle, eating fruits and vegetables with a high water content is an easy way to sneak hydration. Bring on the watermelon, strawberries, zucchini and celery.

>>Sleep A Lot: There’s science behind beauty sleep. Not getting enough of it can reduce the skin’s ability to stay hydrated, thus turning your otherwise supple glow into a dry and dull sheen. Not getting enough sleep also elevates stress hormones in your body like cortisol, which breaks down collagen and accelerates the aging process. No, thanks! Make those 8 hours happen.

>>Manage Stress: Again with that pesky cortisol. When you’re stressed this little devil hormone can do lots of bad things to the body, running around breaking down your wrinkle-fighting collagen and all. In addition, we also know that times of high stress are often times for heightened breakouts. So on the count of three, let’s just all stopped being stressed, OK? 1…2…kidding, we wish it were that easy. Instead, look for healthy ways to manage stress. We’re all about yoga here at the KG HQ.

>>Cut out Sugar: I love sugar. I could live on sugar. Unfortunately, sugar causes a process called glycation, which breaks down the collagen and elastin in your skin, making it less plumpy, less glowy and more wrinkly. Try and eat sugar in moderation, which is especially easy to do when you’re stressed and a chocolate bar and baked good is calling your name.

>>Sunblock, Use It: The sun’s UV rays are one of the worst things for your skin. If you’re not wearing protection those rays take a deep dive deep down into your skin layers and start maiming and killing your healthy skin cells. This not only leads to premature wrinkles, but much, much worse, you can wind up with skin cancer. Use sunblock every day, with an SPF 15 minimum. I also recommend a sunblock that is 100% mineral based broad spectrum UVA+B, unscented and free of nano-particles.

Overall takeaway – be kind to your skin, and remember what comes naturally.

Kari Gran shares her simple tips to keep skin flawless:

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