Lip Scrub Ritual

March 06, 2017

woman with lip scrubs on lips

Who doesn’t love a bold lip? The trick to pulling off a bright color is in the application. As any lipstick lover will tell you, smooth hydrated lips are a must for even and precise lip color.

While I’m particularly fond of Suji Red, I was over the moon when we decided to add Lip Scrub to the Kari Gran line. For exfoliation, Kari uses organic sugar paired with Chamomile powder that gives Lip Scrub a speckled color. The soothing balance of the two exfoliators is kinder and less abrasive than a typical sugar scrub.

Our Lip Scrub is a great way to prep for a bright color and to remove a long stay lipstick. I also like to use Lip Scrub in a mini lip ritual at least once a week to prevent chapping and keep my lips super smooth.

Lip Scrub Ritual

  • Using a pea size amount of Lip Scrub, gently exfoliate the lips in a slow circular motion for about 30 seconds.
  • Let sit for 30 seconds before wiping off excess with a warm washcloth. Pat dry.
  • Apply a tiny half pump of Essential Serum to the lips.
  • Immediately after applying Essential Serum, apply Peppermint Naked Lip Whip on top to lock in the hydrating oils of the serum.
  • Go to sleep and wake up to perfectly hydrated and renewed lips.

Repeat as needed up to a maximum 3x a week. (Please do not use any lip scrub on painfully chapped or cracked lips.)

HOT TIP: Complete the Kari Gran Skin Care Nightly Ritual and brush your teeth before the Lip Scrub Ritual.



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