Why Mineral Makeup Is Better

March 20, 2020

open containers of mineral makeup

I’m often asked why we do mineral makeup.  Easy answer, it’s versatile and lets me do many things with very few products.  A super-multitasker.  Some days call for a dry application. Others may require an even speedier application by mixing with SPF to save a step (and bonus, a foundation with SPF coverage). And, it’s also easy to blend with the Essential Serum or Essential Serum Balm for an easy touch up if needed.

Mineral makeup is a bit old school, and yes, it can be a little bit messier than a compact powder but the ability to change the amount of coverage you get, simply by adding more or less powder, is worth it.  The four ingredients in our mineral foundation mean a little goes a very long way as we don’t add in any unnecessary filler, just product. 

Other Benefits of Mineral Makeup

Mineral makeup is also good for your skin. It adheres to the natural oils on the skin’s surface, so it doesn’t clog pores.

Mineral makeup is breathable and lightweight, acting as a barrier against environmental stressors.

As I mentioned above, mineral powder makeup is versatile. You build and layer to your ideal coverage and feel. It’s in your control!

Our mineral makeup is like our skincare, we make it to simplify your beauty routine and provide formulas with clean and quality ingredients. Our makeup is free of dyes, synthetic fragrances, talc, and parabens.  They are also made with only naturally derived and ethically sourced ingredients.

Worried about finding the right shade?  Our foundation sample kit allows you to test multiple shades before you purchase.  Plus, we will put the cost of the sample kit toward a full-size purchase. We are here for you!

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