The Best $6.99 I’ve Ever Spent

May 13, 2019

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Yes, you heard me right. Round it up to $7, and it’s still a bargain. 

I’ve talked before about meditation and the role it plays in my daily life. However, it’s a time commitment practicing TM (Transcendental Meditation) and doing the full two 20-minute sessions every day can feel like I’m carving out hours. Enter, “The Shift.”

“The Shift” app is a curated selection of practices inviting you to make intuitive choices about mood, energy, mindset, and whole health. Cultivate awareness in your daily life through practical ritual, diet, and physical activity. Using all the senses of the body, The Shift allows you to experiment with multiple ways of connecting to yourself and the world around you.”

I met one of the founders, Jamie Leigh, and she told me to try the “focus” section for ten days and see what happened. What happened was I’m now using the App every single day. Full disclosure, I’m not an app person. I may hold the record for fewest apps downloaded on my iPhone.To me, more apps equal more distractions. Did I mention Jamie is a corporate attorney? She had this cool sense of peace and calm that made me sit back and say “I’ll have what she’s having” please and thank you. 

So, I tried the “focus” segment, and while I didn’t make the full ten days, it was remarkable how a few simple shifts in my behavior added up to an overwhelming sense of feeling like I had it together. There are many areas you can check out:  create, de-stress, clarify, sleep and heal. Within each category, you’ll find easy and short guided meditations — a big bonus if you’re feeling strapped for time.

Also includes tips for how to move, eat, act and integrate as well as a very cool sound bath. Ok, new to sound baths? No water necessary and they can be played while going about your daily activities. I find the focus sound bath particularly helpful when I’m glued to my computer screen, knee-deep in an excel spreadsheet or research project.  

My favorite part of the focus area was writing, yes, with a pen or pencil on a piece of paper, to make a list each day of only three essential To-Do items. See, I told you this wouldn’t be hard.

I’ve gifted “The Shift” app to many friends because I honestly use it every day. It’s a visually stunning experience and sparks inspiration without feeling overwhelmed.   


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