What Is Algica?

August 08, 2022

What is Algica?

From an algae bloom in Sweden comes a high-tech, ocean-safe revolution in skincare. This multifunctional ingredient offers multiple benefits to skin as an efficient moisturizer, anti-pollution agent and SPF booster.


Where does it come from?

Algica® is produced off the west coast of Sweden. The Swedish Algae Factory operates in harmony with nature, in real-time. They cultivate their algae based on a circular economic mindset where carbon dioxide, nitrogen, and phosphorus emissions are converted into valuable products.

Swedish Algae Factory started in 2014 with the purpose of utilizing the algae group diatoms’ unique traits. Through a controlled algae bloom in their factory, they prevent nitrogen and phosphorus from overfertilizing our seas and oceans. In the process, they also clean water for re-use and produce a unique high-tech material that can be utilized in ocean safe skincare products. 


What does it do for skin?

Algica has proven abilities to regulate moisture levels in the skin. A study conducted by an external source showed that Algica’s moisturizing properties fully match those of hyaluronic acid. The same study showed that the feeling of Algica on the skin is smoother (ie less tacky). For Kari and others, the tactical feel of hyaluronic acid has always been a negative.

Validated external studies show that Algica works as an efficient anti-pollution agent in skincare products. Various types of studies have been conducted, all showing that products containing Algica prevents some air pollution from entering the skin.

The first study showed that at least 24% of air pollution is blocked. In a second study, with Algica compared to hyaluronic acid, the results showed that Algica blocks 2.5 times more of the most common air pollutants from entering the skin, and 5 times more compared to untreated skin.

Algica also works as an efficient SPF booster. Studies have showed that Algica increases the SPF in a formulation with an average of 23%. Studies also show that Algica can boost the SPF with an average of 13% together with inorganic UV filters and with an average of 10% with organic UV filters.

So, while we are not using Algica with our natural sunscreens yet, you can see that this multifaceted wonder offers numerous benefits for all ages. And, add in that the creation is climate positive, you can see why Kari fell in love with it.

For now, you can find it our natural vitamin c serum. Combing all the benefits of Algica, 10% vitamin C, and moisturizing plant oils, our Vitamin C Serum will leave your skin moisturized and radiant.  


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