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August 09, 2019

woman jumping on trampoline in the desert

Think of the lymphatic system like a garbage disposal.  It traps and flushes toxins from the body, but you have to “flip the switch” to make it work. When the lymphatic system is stagnant, toxins rise to the surface (where built-up toxins are stored) and must be excreted through the skin and can contribute to breakouts and congestion.

To be effective, the lymphatic system fluid needs to circulate through the body - in a way similar to blood circulation. Unlike the cardiovascular system, the lymphatic system doesn't have a pump -a heart- to promote circulation. Instead, the lymph system relies on the body as a whole to circulate fluid, using muscle contraction, gravity, and body movement as its "pump". Bouncing - rebounding - on a trampoline creates the perfect synergy of these three "forces." For this reason, rebounding is uniquely suited to stimulate the lymphatic system and help keep your body healthy.

Here’s how I got started after reading an article on Goop Super low impact and a nice way to mix up your favorite routine. This was the beginning of my journey with a hand-me-down rebounder (mini-trampoline) and a Black-Friday investment of the foam roller and on-line access to a series of rolling and rebounding videos. 

Once I got comfortable with the rebounder and really liked doing it, I moved over to LEKfit, to really get my sweat on.  I was a bit intimated by the website at first but there was a week trial period and I was hooked.  I officially discovered how great endorphins make you feel and the choreography wasn’t crazy complex.  Once I moved over to a higher quality rebounder (jumpsport) it really took my workout to the next level of sweatiness and I only had to commute to my guest room (which has doubled as a workout studio).  I’m still going strong two years later. 

For me, consistency is key and the added benefit of keeping my lymphatic system in check keeps me coming back.

Photo Credit: @loroxburgh 

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