From The Inbox: Cleansing Oil Method Questions

May 13, 2014

Bottle of Kari gran cleansing oil with oil next to it

We love getting emails from our clients, usually because they’re writing to tell us how much they love us (blush!). But sometimes there are burning beauty questions among the love notes. Today we shed light on questions about our Cleansing Oil – using oil to cleanse the face may seem counterintuitive, but trust us, you’ll never go back.

1. Can the Cleansing Oil be used around the eyes, and is it really taking off all the makeup? How much should I use?

Our mineral Cleansing Oil can absolutely be used all around and over eyes (though you know your eyes best, so if they are super sensitive, honor that). Because we use only all natural products you don’t have to fear the stinging, watery eyes that come with most cleansers (thanks, chemicals). The Cleansing Oil takes off all your makeup, including eye makeup and stubborn mascara. There is no need to use a separate makeup remover or cleansing wipe.

The only time you’ll want to avoid Cleansing Oils directly on the eyelids is if you’re batting some gorgeous lash extensions. Some of the all-natural oils in the product will actually break down the adhesive glue, kind of like when you use olive oil to remove sticker residue.

How much to use? I preach to use at least 8-10 pumps of Cleansing Oil for your entire face. You want a good “slip” so you don’t tug on your gentle skin. Especially around the eye area, make sure you have plenty of oil to work with, adding more as needed.

2. Can I use my Clarisonic exfoliator (or similar) with the Cleansing Oil?

You sure can. Lisa actually does this as part of her regular routine. Just rub the Cleansing Oil over your face, and when it’s nice and oiled up, use the exfoliator as you normally would. The usual 8-10 pumps of Cleansing Oil should do the trick, but don’t be afraid to use extra if you want even more slip as the exfoliator does its thing. Note, the brush will look pretty gross after, so give it a good cleaning with hot soapy water. I love Castile soap (just a few drops).

Once you’ve exfoliated, proceed with the wash cloth/steaming step to remove all the oil from your face.

3. You said I didn’t need to wash my face with the Cleansing Oil in the morning, but don’t you get grime on your face overnight? Is it OK if I use the Cleansing Oil both morning and night? 

We recommend only using the Cleansing Oil at night, and then simply rinsing your face with warm water and a clean washcloth in the morning. Using cleansers twice a day is overkill on your skin, and the reality is, the minimal gunk you may pick up on your face at night is whisked away with water. However, if you live for a sweaty morning workout, feel free and just cleanse again.

And just think, if you cut your product use to once a day, you are instantly doubling the bang for your buck!

Keep the questions and love notes coming!


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