A Guide To Understanding Our Foundation Shade Numbers

March 21, 2020

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The reason many women stick with the same foundation for years is that it’s hard to shop for foundations in stores or online. The names and tones can also be confusing. We understand.  We took Kari to task recently to define our foundation numbers and provide some help.

Natural-looking coverage should even out your skin tone, not change the color or cover it up.  For this reason, most of our shade range has a warmer, yellow tone. Our foundations lean on the warmer (yellow) side as cooler (pink) foundations tend to look like masks on the skin. I learned this from Bobbi Brown and it’s a rule we swear by.

Another good rule of thumb is your winter shade might be one number different than what you would use in summer.  For instance, Kari is a #1 in the winter and a #2 in the summer months. 

Light 1:  For fair to light skin with warm undertones

Light 2:  For light skin with cool, rosy undertones

Light 3:  A light beige with neutral undertones

Medium 1:  A golden beige for light to medium tones.  This is our bestselling shade.

Medium 2: A medium-warm beige

Medium 3: A golden, warm tan

Dark 1: A rich, caramel-brown with red, gold, and bronze undertones

Dark 2:  A deep amber with golden undertones

Dark 3: Deep skin tone with blue and red undertones



Still concerned?  We understand. Our foundation sample kit allows you to test multiple shades before you purchase.  Plus, we will put the cost of the sample kit toward a full-size purchase. We are here for you!

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