Rose Quartz Spoons- Review

July 15, 2019

rose quartz spoons

Spoon Time

As I begin the path of testing all the little tools I’ve accumulated, the ones that spoke to me were the rose quartz spoons.  This time of year my allergies are completely bonkers and the sinus pressure and allergic shiners (super dark circles) make me feel a little crazy.

Luckily, my path crossed with the lovely Paige Gayle of  and we instantly connected over all things skincare, especially MLD (manual lymphatic drainage..more on that later) and she is well versed in the art of Gua Sha (read more information here)   I’ve been drawn to learning more about the lymphatic system since we did a workshop here last year. 

Think of the lymphatic system like a garbage disposal.  It traps and flushes toxins from the body, but you have to “flip the switch” to make it work. When the lymphatic system is stagnant, toxins rise to the surface (where built up toxins are stored) and must be excreted through the skin and can contribute to acne and congestion.

It was time for me to flip that switch on my eye area with the spoons.  Here’s a little video from Paige that shows exactly what to do:

 Paige's Tutorial 

What I like: I bought two spoons and so I liked that I could quickly work both eyes at the same time.  The spoons are really pretty and I know they can do much more than what I’m doing with them.  They feel good.  They’d probably feel even better if I stored them in the fridge so they are nice and cold.  I know myself, and putting them in the fridge would ultimately lead me to forget about them so they remain on my vanity counter.

Once I get through each tool on the list, I’ll be sure to share what I think works and why.  

Until the next one, signing off.  


Rose Quartz Spoons purchased from Treatment by Lanshin: 

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