How To Build A Simple Skincare Routine

September 17, 2020

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Here at Kari Gran, we're all about simplicity. That's why we're devotees of a streamlined, simple skincare routine that takes only a few minutes but delivers all the protection and pampering your skin craves.


What Is a Simple Skin Care Routine?

We believe taking care of your skin should be enjoyable because that's what will encourage you to maintain a routine. We think using the fewest products to achieve maximum results is the way to go.

In fact, Dr. Cybele Fishman, a dermatologist in New York City, believes: "I think people do too much to their skin and often end up harming it with all the extra steps. One of my mantras is, 'Don't overwash your skin, don't overtone and don't over-exfoliate.'"

Renee Rouleau, a celebrity aesthetician and skincare expert, agrees, "A lot of time people are wasting products and money layering on all these things thinking it's better. "Normally, it's the first two products that are the ones making the biggest difference."

Here's how we keep clean skincare super simple at Kari Gran. This is the simple natural skincare routine Kari developed that turned Lisa into a believer and set them on the path to bringing Kari Gran skincare to the world.

You can do all of these steps in less than 5 minutes, or you can take a bit more time with steaming, breathing in the essential oils, or massaging in the cleansing oil. Completely up to you. The great thing is that you only need four clean skincare products for this three step routine. 


1. Splash your skin with water

2. Spritz a few pumps of Kari Gran Hydrating Tonic into your palm, mixing in a pump of Kari Gran Essential Serum.

3. Allow your serum/tonic to absorb fully and apply SPF generously to face and décolleté.

Can we just tell you why sunscreen is so important?

We'll say this every chance we get: Always wear sunscreen; UV damage affects skin all year round, not just in the summer. Some experts say the sun is responsible for as much as 90 percent of skin's aging.

Celebrity dermatologist Dr. Tabasum Mir sums it up nicely: "If you don't protect your skin with SPF, it doesn't matter how many anti-aging creams you use. If there is only one thing you do during the day, use sunblock."


  1. Use 8-10 pumps of Essential Cleansing Oil. Apply using gentle, sweeping strokes. Wring out a hot (not scalding), damp washcloth and lay over the face until cool. Gently wipe face and neck with the washcloth to remove excess oil while providing a light exfoliation.
  2.  Shake the tonic before use to redistribute essential oils. Mist 3-4 pumps of Hydrating Tonic into the palm of your hand and add one to two pumps of Essential Serum, rub together and….voila! A batch of fresh moisturizer has just been made without a preservative in sight. If you need more hydration, add more serum. Play with it.
  3. If you want a deeper moisturizer, try dabbing a bit of Kari Gran Essential Balm where needed, under eyes or around the nose.

We’ve all got a million things to do every day. Having healthy skin doesn't need to require a half-hour regimen and 12 different products. Sometimes simple, clean skincare products are best.

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