The benefits of clean and Organic Skincare

When it comes to our organic skincare, we use only the finest ingredients. We don’t make promises we cannot keep or suggest that you can miraculously transform yourself. We do believe, however, that your skin will instantly feel better, more supple, softer, and fresher after using our skin care products that are packed with natural, nourishing ingredients. Our oil-based products are void of known toxic chemicals and they work with your skin’s natural oil production to balance out your beautiful complexion.

Our skincare line is packaged in sleek dark violet glass bottles that block light and protect the delicate oils, mimicking the “cool, dark place” required for natural-based ingredients. Each bottle is marked with an expiration date to guarantee freshness. We want to teach people to develop healthy routines and encourage a mindful, natural, safe approach to beauty.

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"Maintaining proper hydrating levels is the key to having healthy skin and lips for life." – Kari

Subtle Variations

Hand-poured in small batches, our products are made with natural ingredients to ensure freshness. This can sometimes allow for subtle variations during production. For instance, lavender grown in rocky volcanic soil may have a slightly different scent than lavender grown in the rich black soil of a river valley. As an essential oil, Lavender also matures, adding complexity to its scent with time. If you have a finely tuned sense of smell, you might detect a very slight difference in the fragrances, depending on the source of lavender used in our essential oils from one batch to the next.

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