Finding The Perfect Shade Of Foundation

August 09, 2019

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When you’re trying to find the right foundation shade, it seems that everyone has a tip or trick for you to use. Next thing you know, you’re standing in the makeup aisle with swabs of random foundation colors painted across the inside of your arm and still unsure of which product is right for you. At Kari Gran, we believe that finding a natural looking foundation shouldn’t be complicated. We take a simple, three-step approach to choosing a foundation that will work for you all year round.

How to find the perfect foundation shade:

#1 - Compare it to the color of your neck, not your face

Many beauty brands will tell you to swab products along your jawline to find the perfect blend between your face and neck. However, this methodology doesn’t always work and that’s because rarely do the skin tones of our neck and our face match. Instead, when it comes to choosing a foundation shade that looks natural, we recommend selecting a hue that blends well into the color or your neck. This will allow you to create a seamless look—and avoid the floating head look if your face is too tan or fair compared to the rest of your body.

#2 - Look for products that are buildable

Even if you’ve found your perfect match today, it may change tomorrow. With different levels of sun exposure, our skin tones are constantly changing. This means that the right foundation shade for summer may be much different than what you’ll wear in winter. Even the fairest of skin tones will notice a difference between seasons. The best way to address this without having to test and purchase multiple products is to find a product that allows you to build on the color. With Kari Gran’s mineral foundation, you can create a darker tone by simply adding a little extra powder to your brush. Likewise, you can scale it back to match your skin tone in the colder seasons when you spend less time outdoors. This helps you create your perfect match every day.

#3 - Put it through a full-day trial

How many times have you applied a test foundation on at the store, only to find it looks too cakey and dark in the sunlight or that it starts to smear into patches by the end of the day? The best way to truly know whether or not a foundation shade works for your skin type is to put it through an all-day trial run. This will allow you to see how it looks under various lighting—from the harsh fluorescent lighting of the office, to the soft lights in your home, to the natural sunlight outdoors.

At Kari Gran, we offer a foundation sample kit so that you can test out multiple shades and put them through the test before making your big purchase. Plus, we’ll put the cost of the sample kit toward your big purchase once you find the shade that works for you.

At Kari Gran, our mission is to simplify your skincare journey and provide you with hype-free products that are honestly good for you. Shop our simple, safe and eco-lux mineral makeup today to find your perfect foundation shade. 

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