Why Kari Gran Uses Clean Beauty

September 30, 2020

Kari Gran sitting in pink chair wearing a silver dress

Can you remember an “Aha!” moment in your life?  It’s an expression we’ve all heard—Oprah’s definition is now officially in the Merriam-Webster dictionary as “A moment of sudden inspiration, insight, recognition or comprehension."

Kari’s big Aha! Moment came when she discovered in her 20’s that she had autoimmune disorder. Fast forward to her 40’s, this diagnosis inspired her to create her own version of clean skincare. Aha! Kari Gran Skincare was born.

She decided that her ideal formula would be totally “clean” skincare, without known toxic chemicals, parabens, phthalates, mineral oil, endocrine disrupting preservatives or synthetic fragrance. She focused on using NON-GMO plant-based ingredients, wild-harvested and organic when possible. Everything is eco-friendly because Kari wanted her skincare to be as safe to the environment as it is to women’s skin. And of course, cruelty-free was a must.

The happy result? A line of clean beauty skincare solutions and cosmetics that feel luxe and indulgent, but keep the fuss to a minimum. Hence, “Skincare as simple as it should be” is one of our mottos.


Clean Skin Products

One great reason to use clean skin products is because they are generally designed to be good for you and the environment. While every company has a slightly different definition, here is ours, "At Kari Gran, we believe clean beauty is simple. It’s the idea that we shouldn’t have to worry about what’s in our beauty products and how it might affect our health or our environment. It’s about combining organic, non-GMO and naturally derived, and ethically sourced ingredients into simple, yet effective products that make us feel good—and are better for the environment, too."

Another reason to use Clean Skin Products , as of 2012, the European Union has banned over one thousand cosmetics ingredients. The U.S. has only restricted 30.

 Keep in mind that “clean” is not interchangeable with the words “natural” or “green”.  

Companies use “natural” in different ways, to make products sound more appealing to those who seek out clean skincare and cosmetics.  The word “Natural” by itself doesn’t necessarily mean it’s good for you – for example, poison ivy is natural, but creates problems when it comes into contact with skin. Simply put, “natural” isn’t the most useful or descriptive word when it comes to clean beauty product options.

“Green” refers to products made in an environmentally friendly way.


Why Use Clean Beauty Products?

Clean beauty is usually defined as skincare, cosmetics and hair care products that are free of known toxic chemicals. Maintaining a clean beauty routine is a simple way to keep your skin and body looking fresh and healthy.  An added bonus: when you “go clean” you can rest assured that you’re not adding unwelcome contaminants to our oceans, the earth, even the air we breathe.  Clean beauty is a natural choice if you want to look good and do good for yourself and the environment.

If you haven’t yet tried the Kari Gran skincare system, you can check it out with one of our trial kits, such as our skincare mini kit. It’s packed with a two-week supply of Essential Cleansing Oil, Essential Hydrating Tonic, Essential Sunscreen SPF28, and Essential Serum. 

If you want to try it all, consider our Mineral Makeup System, a Kari Gran makeup bag with all the goodies: a foundation sample kit, concealer, mineral blush, setting powder, 4 Eco-Tools brushes, mini-skincare kit and our cult classic Tinted Lip Whip Peppermint.

With Kari Gran products, you can be assured of clean beauty. With premium ingredients that gently cleanse, nourish and hydrate skin, along with a simple routine, and the luxe feeling you crave, what’s not to love?