What's The Big Deal With Ingredients

January 19, 2016

skin care ingredients including avocados, beeswax, and lavender on a pink background

First and foremost, if you put something on your skin and it irritates it, please, please discontinue use. Even the best ingredients that are organically sourced or non-GMO can be irritating to some. I like to use the strawberry analogy: Strawberries are little powerhouses of goodness but some people are terribly allergic to them and get really sick.

Secondly, please look at what you put ON your body in the same way you do when you put something IN your body. Ever look at a food label while grocery shopping? It pays to read your beauty labels as well. Thankfully most of us have access to a tiny laptop computer in the palm of our hands —  a.k.a. a smartphone — so put that little guy to use if you don’t know what something is. Even better, download the EWG’s Skin Deep app and you can scan barcodes to search for products’ safety ratings.

We like to be super transparent with our natural skin care ingredients labels specifically so people who know they have an allergy, sensitivity or potential irritation from an ingredient can steer clear. Don’t know what Persea Gratissima Oil is? It’s the lovely Avocado — so don’t be scared. We like to make sure the botanical name is listed right next to the common name just in the event your body doesn’t love to come into contact with an avocado. We aren’t in the business of fooling you to buy 80% water or bad ingredients, and we want you to be able to recognize — quickly and easily — what exactly you are putting on your skin. Knowledge is power.


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