Estrogen Deficiency and Skin

April 22, 2022

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Aging Skin and Less Estrogen

Did you know that estrogen levels can change and fluctuate throughout a woman’s life? However, as we age the decline in estrogen can produce one of the most noticeable changes -the skin’s ability to retain moisture. And hello dry skin. As our skin loses its ability to retain moisture, it begins to feel and look dry, dull, and fine lines tend to become more noticeable.

Estrogen is also vital in the role of collagen production. This is the protein that keeps the skin where it’s supposed to be with strength, elasticity, and plumpness. A decrease in estrogen levels go hand in hand with a decrease in collagen which can show up as thinning skin that just doesn’t have the same resiliency and firm texture it did in our younger days.

Estrogen loss also makes our skin even more susceptible to UV damage. The Clinical Journal of Aging indicates estrogen is protective against UV light. So often, we only think of UV light exposure as a sunburn from UVB rays whereas it’s the UVA rays that damage the skin at all levels from the surface to deep within the dermal layer where our collagen and elastin fibers live. Too much UV light exposure results in photoaging- premature aging of the skin, such as increased wrinkles, loss of elasticity, texture changes and sunspots.


Tips for Glowing Skin As Estrogen Lowers

So what can do? If dry skin is an issue, due to reduced estrogen or not, the key is using products that maintain a healthy skin barrier. Keep it simple and focus on gentle products that hydrate and moisturize your skin. We think of our Hydrating Duo (our Essential Serum and Essential Hydrating Tonic) as the ultimate skin barrier superhero. Our Essential Serum is all about moisturization because it contains emollients that nourish your skin, help retain moisture, and diminish TEWL (trans epidermal water loss). While our Essential Hydrating Tonics are focused on hydration. They contain humectants like organic aloe and glycerin that act as moisture magnets that draw water from the air to the skin and help it feel and look its best.

Then protect your skin with a daily sunscreen. We like to focus on prevention vs. repair and it’s clinically proven that wearing sunscreen every day helps prevent photoaging. The study released (June 3, 2013 in American College of Physicians’ Annals of Internal Medicine)

But don’t feel bad if you haven’t always done this. The good news, it’s never too late to start. Our mineral SPF not only protects your skin but contains antioxidant and essential fatty acid rich plant oils that help to replenish that glow.

While estrogen depletion is a fact of life, a healthy skin barrier and daily SPF can help mitigate the effects. 

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