Rose Quartz Roller

August 09, 2019

rose quartz roller facial tool

Next stop, rose quartz roller. Before we get into the review: what are the supposed benefits of facial rollers? According to Jenny Patinkin, "They are used to help improve the appearance of the complexion while also providing energetic healing." Also, they should aid with lymphatic drainage and the release of toxins, while reducing inflammation and instantly de-puff. 

I have to say, this one is much easier to use than the spoons and looks quite pretty on my nightstand. I find that I’m naturally reaching for it first thing in the morning if I’ve overdone it on salt or sugar the day before. Both seem to trigger puffy eyes in the morning in addition to the seasonal allergies that seem to be worst this time of year.

This particular roller is from, and she has a really lovely (and incredibly easy) video:

Given I’m using it first thing daily, I don’t have any product on my face.  It’s just so easy, and there really isn’t any reason I can think of not to use it and just like she says, move towards the temples and remember to use a light touch as the lymph system is situated just under the surface — no need to manhandle it.

My only complaint at this point is the roller is a bit larger around the eyes, but I see that Jenny has recently launched a petite version.  That would do the trick nicely. 

At the end of this little summer project, I’ll be sure to let you all know what I liked (and maybe didn’t) about each tool and how likely it will stay close at hand.

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