What is our return policy?

If you don't love anything in the line as much as we do, we have a no questions asked returns policy. Simply let us know at support@karigran.com.


Do you ship internationally?

Yes! Shipping and taxes apply.


Are your products vegan?

Not all our products are vegan. Essential Serum, Hydrating Tonics, Cleansing Oil, Mineral Foundations, Eyeshadow, Concealer and Setting Powder are all vegan.  If you're ever unsure, you can see all the ingredients we use in every product on the product pages.


Do you offer samples? 

No, the production of sample packettes has contributed to our plastic waste crisis. We decided when we started KG, we would not produce samples because of this. We aren’t perfect but work hard to be good stewards of our planet.


Do you have anti-aging products? 

Our focus is on health, hydration, and prevention (SPF) over youth and perfection. UVA rays (we call them UV aging) contribute to photoaging that damages your collagen and elastin. No product or trendy ingredient will reverse this damage. Our Essential SPF is broad spectrum and protects against both UVA and UVB rays. Our answer to anti-aging products is to ask, are you wearing your sunscreen today?



What is Never Out?

While our sturdy glass bottles are gorgeous to look at, we admit they’re difficult to look in — which can make knowing when to re-order a challenge. Sign up for a re-occurring subscription to the product of your choosing. Choose to receive your items every 30, 60 or 90 days. Simply select how often you wish to receive an order on each product page and make sure your skin care routine stays, well, routine. 


How do I cancel a re-occurring order?

Just log into your account and select “Orders” on the left, then click the “cancel” link for the product you would no longer like to auto-reorder. If you have difficulties, call us Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. at 206.588.1573 or send us a message at support@karigran.com.



Is my Lip Whip protected in the frosted glass jars?

Lip Whips tend to live in dark places such as your handbag, by your bedside and tucked into a drawer, thereby protecting them from light and heat.


How much do I use?

Overall, a little goes a long way, just a dab on the finger should be enough. You can layer more if you're looking to make colors such as Jeannie, Radiant, Marsala and Suji more opaque.  


Do you use Mica?

Yes, we use mica in our Lip Whips and only source from vendors who can provide documentation stating they do not utilize any child labor. This has been an industry-wide issue.



How much of the cleansing oil should I be using?

For best results, use 8-10 pumps of the cleansing oil (the bottle contains a three- month supply) every evening. This allows your hands to move easily over your skin without tugging or pulling, which is never a good thing. No need to cleanse again in the morning.


How long should I massage the cleanser into my skin?

Kari: The short answer is, as long as you want. Depends on my mood, but generally, I like to give myself a nice long massage, leave it on while I brush my teeth, rub a bit more and then “steam” it off. If I’m really tired, I just make sure all the makeup is off, then steam. The choice is yours. I love the evening ritual.

Lisa: In a perfect world, I would massage my face for at least 10 minutes every evening with our Cleansing Oil, but honestly, I usually only spend a couple of minutes massaging before I steam the oil off. I’m also a big fan of my Clarisonic, so some nights I use it to massage in the oil, then steam it off. The oil looks gross on the brush after I’m finished, but a quick rub with soap and it rinses clean. If I haven’t used my Clarisonic brush at night, then I will often use it in the morning in the shower without any product, then I’ll moisturize with the serum and tonic after I dry off.


Won’t oil make my skin break out?

All oils are not created equally. The oils in many beauty products include mineral oil and petroleum-derived products which suffocate the skin and clog pores. We use plant oils that nourish and hydrate the skin, just like healthy oils, olive oil, for example, nourish the body.


Will the cleanser take off all my makeup, even mascara?

It will. It’s also a great lash conditioner. Apply the oil to dry skin for best results.


Are you really steaming the oil off?

We use word “steam” loosely, all you need to do is allow the washcloth to cool and wipe any oil residue away. It’s usually one or two times depending on how much oil is used. I use 8-10 pumps of oil and steam twice.



How much do I need?

The beauty of the serum is that you can customize how much hydration you give your skin every day. I suggest starting with one pump and build or decrease from there. In the evening I use more, in the morning I use less. If I’ve been a good girl, I'm well hydrated and have eaten clean, whole foods (complete with my daily “insurance policy” green drink) — I don’t need as much as on the days that I barely have a drop of water (coffee does not count) and have eaten on the go. Those days I need a little extra.

I also think your age will dictate how much serum you use as the skin’s natural oil production decreases over time. For instance, Lisa is 10 years older than Kari and uses double the amount of serum (day and night). Younger women may use even less. The beauty of pure product is you get to customize your level of hydration every day.



Oh no, I’m out of tonic!

Don’t fret, in a pinch just dampen your face with water to aid with the Essential Serum absorption until your supply is replenished.


Isn’t tonic just an extra, unnecessary step?

Traditional toners contain alcohol, which are really drying to all skin types. The aloe in the tonic helps to soothe the skin and the glycerin acts as a nice little magnet for any extra moisture that may be in the air. That’s why it works so nicely with the serum.


Why don’t you have more color choices for the mineral makeup?

When it comes to a foundation color, I believe that makeup isn’t a one-size-fits-all product. I’ve always struggled with my “undertones” am I warm, cool, neutral or a mutt? We’ve selected the shades most commonly used and they are available in a sample set for you to try at home.



What size bottles can I travel with?

Everything in the KG line is TSA approved.


How do I know how much product is left?

The dark glass makes it tricky to see what’s inside so it’s best to hold the bottle up to bright light. The violet glass is transparent enough to show the product level. Without back lighting, it’s difficult to tell.


Can you reuse the bottles? Or, if I’m local, can you just refill my bottle?

We are trying to be good stewards of the environment but found that the carbon footprint gets much larger when the bottles are shipped back for reuse — not to mention they must be properly sterilized. Please put them in your recycle bin. Although, the tops cannot be repurposed so please toss those in the trash. Because we don't use chemical laden preservatives, we cannot refill your bottles.