A Flawless Five Minute Face With Kari Gran Mineral Makeup

July 16, 2014

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Is it hard to use mineral makeup? Nope! It may take a little getting used to, but mineral makeup is simple and easy. You do not need longer than five minutes for a flawless face that has staying power for days.

Starting with a well-moisturized face, the first step in working with mineral makeup is getting the product on your makeup brush. Either use miniature spoons/scoopers to spoon a small amount of product into the product lid or screw the product lid on closed-tight and give the container a quick shake followed but a swift tap on the lid to knock down any excess. What you’ll find on the inside of the lid is a light dusting of makeup that is a comparable amount to hand-spooning mineral makeup into the lid. To load the brush, just swirl the brush around the inside of the lid, and really get the product worked into the brush.

For a flawless five minute face, follow this simple routine:
1. Mineral Foundation: The majority of the coverage you need will come from the foundation, and you can spot conceal with the concealer afterward. Load your brush and apply the foundation in a buffing motion all over the face. As with all mineral makeup, a little bit of product goes a really long way, so start by lightly loading and using the brush once and load again as necessary.

2. Mineral Eye shadow: Work a little bit of product onto the brush, and start by putting a light layer of eye shadow on your eyelids and build up color as desired.

3. Mineral Concealer: Thanks to the light pigment and texture, the concealer is more forgiving and can be applied more liberally. Start under the eye area, work toward the inner corner of the eye and up under of the eyebrow. The lash line is a great way to really wake your face up, as well as around the nose and any general spots of redness.

4. Mineral Blush: Don’t be afraid of the color- it’s a beautiful, vibrant pink that actually goes on quite sheer. Just a little touch on the apples of the cheeks gives a really fresh daytime look.

5. Kari Gran Lip Whip: Swipe a light layer of our plush Lip Whip onto your lips for a really sheer tone that will polish the look.

6. Mineral Setting Powder: To ban sheen and any oil or sweat that may develop throughout the day, lightly buff the entire face and eyes with the Setting Power. The light, translucent powder gives the face a flawless, matte finish that will keep from day into night.

7. Hydrating Tonic: This step might seem counter-intuitive, but we use a few spritzes the Kari Gran Hydrating Tonic to set the makeup. Just 2-3 mists on the face from about one-foot distance will nicely set the minerals and perfect your five-minute face.

Voila! In just five minutes and seven easy steps, you’ll have a fresh daytime look that will last the whole day through.  For a step by step lesson with Kari Gran, check out our video:

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