Meet Katie Fogarty, host of A Certain Age Podcast

March 06, 2023

Meet Katie Fogarty, host of A Certain Age Podcast

Katie is the host of the popular A Certain Age Podcast. She's a former journalist turned career coach who dives deep with women who are aging without apology. Kari was featured on her podcast last year, and thoroughly enjoyed meeting and talking with her.

Why name your podcast A Certain Age?

I called the show A Certain Age, not to be coy about aging—I'm happy to tell you I'm 53—but to be inclusive. A Certain Age features women at 40, 50, 60, and beyond and speaks to perennially growth-minded women who are excited about living and aging vibrantly. We all evolve on our own timeframe. 

Yes, aging gives us universal experiences—menopause, changing bodies, new wellness and fitness challenges, caregiving, morphing relationships, retirement planning—but there is no one magic, singular age when, in the words of Brené Brown, the universe gently places her hands upon your shoulders, pulls you close, and whispers in your ear, 'Im not screwing around.’” A Certain Age is the moment when youre ready to heed that call and make the most of the road still in front of you.

What advice from your podcast has blown your mind?

I learn something from every show! I was pretty knocked out by hearing Dr. Helen Fisher, an anthropologist and expert on romantic love, share that science shows that desire and attraction can exist in ultra-long-term relationships. Pop culture tells you that love and passion fade, but Dr. Fisher has put romantic partners of 20+ years in MRI scanners and watched their brains light up with desire and arousal even after years together. How fabulous!

As a hard-working, multi-tasking woman, how do you relax or unwind?

When I'm feeling motivated, a hot yoga class. When I'm feeling indulgent (or lazy!), a glass of wine.

Whats next after podcasting?

I want to continue to spotlight the stories of women reimaging midlife. Recently, I launched a sister platform to the podcast, an Instagram community called AGE OUT LOUD (@letsageoutloud), where women can opt-in to share their stories. As the Kari Gran customer well knows, aging is living! And if you believe your age stands for something, I invite you to share your story over on @letsageoutloud.

Who would you love to interview?

Paulina Porizkova. I love her honest, unfiltered take on aging and beauty.

For fun, what would be your dream concert?  (Artist can be dead or alive)

Ooh, this is a hard one! I would say Nina Simone. Before she died, I saw her perform at the Beacon Theater in NYC in the early 2000s. But after recently seeing the documentary "What Happened Miss Simone?”. Id love to time travel to see her perform in her 1960s heyday.

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