Is It Possible To Moisturize From The Inside Out?

September 04, 2019

book cover of Quench by Sara Cohen and Gina Bria

I was recently reading a blog on the Lanshin site and I was completely captivated by the idea of approaching the idea of drinking 8 glasses of water in a different way, here’s what sold me.

“If you know me, you know I love this book. If you see me at work, I literally do not shut up about it. When I suggest better hydrating, many patients say to me, "but I drink SO much water!" And then I ask them to take a picture of my Quench book and order it, asap.”

I ordered it.  Asap. 

There’s a chapter that really spoke to me, Chapter 7 to be specific titled Antiaging, the Skin and Beauty.  The first sentence made me know we were on the same page: “We hate the word anti-aging.”  Yes, yes, yes!  The paragraph ends on an even sweeter note: “The real question is not how to anti-age, but to age well.  The simple answer is to not dry out.”  The skin is our body’s largest organ and a major hydration organ.  It holds hydration in and eliminates, or takes out the trash as well.

There’s even some information about the benefits of facial massage.  I’ve confessed to how long I like to do an evening massage with the Essential Cleansing Oil…and while I don’t suggest that’s something that is a must-do every single day, here’s a little something to think about: Cells make collagen under pressure and collagen is the underlying structure of the skin.  Personally, I’d like to keep my structure in the best possible shape.  I feel like my nightly massage feels good and it if helps my collagen formation, all the better. 

There’s a super easy, 5-day plan which isn’t complicated or hard.  I did it and found that I liked it.  I called it Quenching.  The days I don’t incorporate the principles in Quench, I feel it.  You think that would be enough to keep me on the hydration straight and narrow but then life happens and I veer off. The good news is, it’s easy to hop back on.