One Eyeshadow, Numerous Shades

March 30, 2015

arm with eyeshadow shades

We are often asked if we will be adding any more eyeshadow colors to the line. Good news, bad news… the short answer is no. The longer winded response is that you can actually make multiple shades from this one little pot of shadow we sell; it’s all in the amount of product and the type of brush you use. Plus, you won’t have tons of eye shadow stored in your cabinet. In this quick video, we’ll show you a few of the tricks we have up our sleeve.

Mineral makeup is versatile and buildable as we’ll demonstrate in just under two minutes. Easy, right? Our makeup is really concentrated because we don’t use fillers to stretch the good stuff, a little goes a very long way. In this video we show you what can be done with a basic eye shadow brush that has a compact head, a “fluffier” brush that deposits less color and an eyeliner brush.

  1. Eyeshadow Brush, Dense: Shake your eye shadow container, tap the lid with the brush and open. You’ll only want to load your brush with the products that is left in the lid (and it will be more than you think). Now is the time to play with how much pressure you put on the brush, which will result in how much color is left on your eyelid. Remember, play with it. If you are not feeling your inner makeup artist, that’s fine, you can experiment and see what works best for you.
  2. Eyeshadow Brush, Fluffy: Follow the container instructions above and load you brush. This brush will be a softer application for a more natural look. Once again, play with the amount of product that is loaded into the brush and pressure applied to your skin. You can even try a test run on your arm and see what look you like best.
  3. Eyeliner Brush: This is where you really get to be fancy and make your own eyeliner. You’ll need a small container for your water and another for the powder. I like using an old contact lens case. Put a small amount of water in one and a small amount of shadow in the other. It’s very important that you not add water directly to the eye shadow container as that’s a great big invitation for bacteria to join the party. Keep them separate and you’re eyes will thank you. Dip the eyeliner brush into the water, dab on a tissue to remove any excess moisture and then dip into your dry powder. You’ll see that it quickly turns to a liquid that you can line your eyes with.

Check out the video below.

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