Steps To Healthy Winter Skin

November 01, 2013

woman in hat and scarf with snow in the background

As the autumn months begin, it’s time to reexamine steps to healthy winter skin. Think of it as winterizing your skin. Most of us tend to get drier, flakier skin in the winter.  Here are some simple steps will help combat winter skin blues:

  1. Adjust your beauty routine – in the winter months, I take more time with my Kari Gran Cleansing Oil. Try taking 10 or 20 minutes to massage it into your skin prior to removing the Cleansing Oil. The more time the better. I often do this in front of the tv. I also add one or two more pumps of the Hydrating Tonic and Essential Serum at night and during the day. This extra moisture eliminates the flaky skin I get on my cheeks each winter.
  2. Hydrate – it’s hard to think of drinking copious amounts of water when you are cold, but your skin needs this water to maintain its health. If a cold beverage isn’t your thing, try sipping some warm herbal tea (caffeine will dehydrate you) throughout the day. Consider stevia produces or agave nectar for a low glycemic, all natural alternatives to sugar.
  3. Sunscreen – yes it’s cold and perhaps bleak outside but the sun can still “get you” even on the shortest day of the year. The sun is very powerful in the winter as it has 80% strength off the snow vs. 50% off the sand. Be sure to apply a daily amount of SPF of at least 15 to keep your skin protected and looking younger for years.
  4. Humidifier – As the temperatures drop, the furnace fires up and your skin suffers. Where your skin requires 30% humidity to maintain softness, a heavily heated room has a humidity level around 10%. Running a cold water humidifier will help offset the effects of your furnace.

Try these steps for healthy skin for a week and you should notice a positive difference in your skins feel and appearance.

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