Castor Oil for Skin

January 06, 2022

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Castor Oil is great for skin. Unlike the often synthetic and sometimes toxic ingredients found in many traditional skin care products, organic castor oil (Ricinus communis) is a naturally derived product from the castor bean plant. It can ward off a variety of skin concerns and keep your body’s barrier healthy.


Castor Oil Benefits For Skin

The castor oil benefits for skin are many. Yet somehow between the ancient Egyptians (think Cleopatra) and today’s recent trend of using castor oil in skin care, we lost touch with the power of this age old beauty secret.

Here are just a few of the many ways your skin can benefit from castor oil:

Cleansing. Castor oil is excellent at pulling and removing oils from the skin without stripping it of the natural oils, as many other foaming products might do. The thicker texture ensures no tugging on the skin while it breaks down makeup, sunscreen, and dirt.

Moisturizing. Not only does castor oil protect your body’s natural oil production but it can also help soothe and hydrate areas that have become dry or chapped. Castor oil will moisturize skin. It’s especially great for lips that have become chapped from the sun, wind, or cold weather.

Battling bacteria. Castor oil is a natural defense line against pore-clogging bacteria for a clean, clear, and healthy complexion.

Fatty acids. Castor oil contains fatty acids that are essential for the healthy function of our skin’s natural barrier system against environmental stressors. When our skin’s barrier is healthy, our skin looks and feels better.


Castor Oil in Skincare

In addition to all the benefits, castor oil’s thick texture makes it especially great in a Cleansing Oil as it allows for ‘slippage’ when working the oil into your skin. We never want to tug on the skin and the texture allows us to massage our skin while effortlessly sliding our hands around our face. You will find that Castor Oil is a star in our Essential Cleansing Oil.

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