How I Became Interested In The Lymphatic System

August 09, 2019

drawing of a woman's internal lymphatic system

Recently I found myself in just the right place at the right time —serendipity!  I was attending an event at the Seattle Follain store that grabbed my attention because it was all about the lymphatic system.  It might sound geeky, but for me, it’s pretty fascinating.

My interest was piqued several years ago when I read an article by Lauren Roxburgh (wellness educator & “body whisperer”).  She talked about why it’s important to have a healthy one, and what it takes to get one.  Since then, I’ve kept learning and trying various techniques to keep my lymphatic system happy given the role it plays in skin health as well as your overall body health.

Wondering what the lymphatic system is exactly and what does it does?  In a nutshell, I describe it as our body’s garbage disposal given you need to “flip the switch” to activate it.

The lymphatic system has the primary role of keeping our immune systems healthy to fight infections while helping keep fluid levels in balance. It’s made up of an intricate network of lymphatic vessels that carry lymph — a clear, watery fluid that contains proteins, salts, and other substances — throughout the body.

The lymphatic system doesn’t have a pump, like the heart. So, lymph is moved upwards from the body’s tissues to the neck by the movements of the muscles, which is why regular exercise is key to keeping it moving properly.  Otherwise, tissue can become swollen with excess waste.   Time to take out the garbage!

That’s why I’m trying to do facial massage daily and a good body movement workout as often as I can.  I’ve found I really enjoy “rebounding”.  I immediately felt the positive effects; in fact, I finally experienced the endorphin boost that people are always talking about!  And it’s easy for me to do — just a quick commute to the spare bedroom where my mini-trampoline and that good feeling await. 

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