Fall Back Into Your (Good) Routine!

August 21, 2018

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Summer always seems to start with the same lovely idea: more lazy time for bbq’s, beaches, ice cream, trips, maybe reading a good book in a hammock.  Then we find ourselves scrambling because we’ve jam-packed so many fun things to do that we’re simply not maintaining our usual routines.  Because it’s summer!

Then along comes fall and we feel the need to get more organized again.  

In a recent search for advice on this subject, this article by Maureen (Mo) Hagan, Physiotherapist/Fitness Instructor popped up on HuffPost. She offers tips on how to get back to your daily routine, hopefully with less stress and a spark of joy.

She calls it:  “Take Five”

Perform the following each morning upon rising and again in the evening before you lay your head down.

  • Take two minutes to reflect and set your priorities and goals for the day. 
  • Take two minutes to schedule it--in your outlook, planner, or whatever you used to track your daily appointments. The most important step is writing it down and scheduling.
  • Take one minute to affirm it by stating your priorities and goals out loud.”

As the season's transition from summer to fall (and winter, and spring) is to wear sunscreen every single day.  Even if the sun isn’t shining, the UV rays are still damaging your skin, especially those pesky UVA (aging) ones.  That’s why we call our sunscreen Three Sixty Five SPF 28, because we believe so wholeheartedly (fanatically?) that sunscreen is a must do Every Day.

So enjoy the last weeks of summer and bring on a fresh new fall season!   

Click here to read the full article by Maureen Hagan.

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