What is Waterless Skincare?

November 12, 2023

drop of water

You know we're big fans of water—we drink it all day long. However, when it comes to skincare, it's a different story. You may (or may not) recall from chemistry class that substances free of water are called anhydrous. We simply call them waterless.


What are the benefits of waterless skincare? 

You might be asking, 

"Why no H2O?" We believe there are several significant benefits to using organic waterless skincare—we're happy to share them here.

Water can be a breeding ground for harmful bacteria, which means it's necessary to add preservatives to prevent that. Why add something that has no direct benefit for your skin? Because there is no water added to the formulations, we use antioxidants to boost the shelf life (and dark glass which protects from UV damage.)

Kari isn't totally anti-water or anti-preservative, she just chose a different path when she created our skincare products, a "No Water Added" approach. 


Why we chose products without water 

Did you know that many skincare products on the market are 75-90% water? Water is cheap, which makes it an inexpensive filler. If water or aqua is the first ingredient on a product label, you'll know that there's a high percentage of water in the bottle or jar.

Now imagine a waterless moisturizer. When Kari was developing our skincare products, oil-based formulas made sense to Kari because they're gentle, effective, and provide long-lasting hydration. Water formulas can evaporate quickly, without letting the skin absorb the moisturizing properties. Oil-based formulas let the nourishment sink in.

One of the best benefits of using waterless beauty products? They're cost-effective: Less water means you get more of the good stuff: Active ingredients that really do the work you're looking for. Why pay for something you don't need in your skincare?


No water means more concentrated products 

Formulating waterless products is a beautiful example of the overall Kari Gran "Less is More" philosophy. You get more of the good stuff you're looking for without the water filler. Plus, our natural skincare system is customizable so that you can control how much of each product you need. For instance, if your skin is feeling especially thirsty, you can use an extra pump or two of Essential Serum, and maybe a spritz more of hydrating tonic. You get to decide what's best for you.

Water is a precious and essential element of our lives every day. As much as we depend on drinking it for our body's hydration, we prefer oil-based moisturizers for our skin. 

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