Foundation Sample Kit

Finding the perfect makeup shade can be hard, especially when shopping online. We are making it easier with our mineral foundation samples. Try all 8 foundation shades to find your perfect color match

Our foundation sample kit features eight different shades of our eco-luxe mineral foundation, each kit allows you try out all the colors in our collection from home. Play with mineral foundation samples in warm, neutral and cool shades to compliment your skin tone. Whichever you color choose, get long-lasting, breathable coverage that blends easily and flawlessly. All Kari Gran mineral makeup is cruelty-free and formulated without parabens. 

And the best part? When you purchase your full-size mineral makeup, you will receive a credit for the cost of the foundation shade samples.

  • Includes 8 different sample shades to try and choose from

  • Long-lasting, breathable coverage

  • Free of talc, synthetic fragrance and dyes

  • Cruelty-Free: tested on our skin, never on animals

  • Eco-luxe and formulated without parabens

  • The Mineral Makeup products should be used very sparingly. Please note that they are extremely concentrated and only require a small amount of product. Start with a small amount and “build” with additional layers to find the perfect coverage for you. You can go from sheer to opaque with one simple product.
  • Using the residue from inside the cap or lid will be plenty to start. If this is your first time using a mineral makeup, have patience. You will know if you have overapplied if the powder is sitting in your fine facial lines, or if your face looks cakey.
  • You will know if you have applied the powder too soon after your moisturizer if you have a streaky appearance or again, if it’s too cakey. Allow time for your moisturizer to set in, a minute or two should suffice.
  • In order to achieve a medium to heavy coverage, we suggest using a foundation brush or sponge for application.
  • Applying with a damp sponge will give you a darker, heavier and more intense coverage.
  • Titanium Dioxide

  • Iron Oxide

  • Zinc Oxide

  • Mica

  • Fragrance-free, dye-free, paraben-free and cruelty-free