January 24, 2014 Sally Bjornsen


Ever since I started blogging at Kari Gran, I’ve been talking with my friends about their skin.  Not since high school has so much angst been expressed about oily skin, dry skin and facial breakouts that should have passed in the 1980’s.  I’ve noticed that many of my friends turn to the harshest products to solve the simplest issues.  For example, a full facial peel may not be the best solution for inexplicable acne.  It’s like napalming your yard to get rid of a few weeds. 

Turns out your pillow case could be the culprit behind your unexplained breakouts.  Mold and bacteria breed in beds.  This plus all the dead skin we slough off each night is rubbed right back into you’re your skin when you snooze.  Your hair care products aren’t helping either.  Your hair may love your volumizing mousse, but after it is wiped from your hair to your pillow, then back on your unsuspecting cheek, acne many ensue.  Yes, those mystery breakouts are often a simple fungal infection.    

I found an article on Huffington Post about how often you should wash your pillow cases.  I’m reposting it here.  It’s worth reading.  According to the article, your dirty pillow case could be causing acne mechanica.  “Acne mechanica is any type of acne that is the result of material or objects touching your face. When your pillowcase isn’t laundered or changed regularly, a build-up of dirt and oil from the environment as well as your skin and hair touching the pillow is transferred back to your skin. This can clog pores and cause blemishes.” 

So how often should you wash your pillowcase?  Aim for twice a week.  Awebsite devoted to laundry gives a helpful list of which items to wash and when (and yes, you should be washing your pillow too).  So bathe, cleanse your face, moisturize, and enjoy your freshly laundered sheets!




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