January 13, 2014 Sally Bjornsen


Do expensive skin care products work?  Yikes, that’s a question that I don’t want to ponder.  I shutter to think about the money I have spent in the past 20 years on the promise of eternal youth.  For the cost of the plethora of viles, tubes and containers that skitter around in my bathroom drawer hardly used (probably now too dangerous), I could have bought a new Tesla.  Still, even though I know better, I have to manage myself from getting sucked into the hype. “You get what you pay for” resonates in my brain as I read about the latest and greatest skin care cure-all.  Get a load of this one.  You can rub diamonds  into your skin for $242 per ounce!  Perhaps platinum  is more your speed at $1,050 for a 1.7 ounce jar.  Really?  No, Really!  Who are these people who buy this stuff and what do they look like?  I would like to see a “face off” La Prairie v.s. Kari Gran.

The fact is this – none of the ultra-expensive products have definitive scientific proof that their products work.  Yes, many of the elements in the products have healing, soothing or collagen replacing elements, but so do many of the lower priced options at your local drugstore.  Another true test of a products worth is if it works for you.  Does your skin feel and look better after using it?  Are the ingredients safe for your skin?  Unfortunately, many of the skin care products sold at the department stores, spas and even “natural” pharmacies contain petro-chemicals, parabens and other toxic ingredients.  And where’s the beauty in that?

At Kari Gran we believe that great skin care is affordable skin care. That safe, natural, paraben free products outweigh any unproven scientific promise. We also believe in the democracy of skin care-something nearly everyone can afford. Everyone deserves to look and feel beautiful,right? Kari Gran products are all natural, organic and affordable.  TheKari Gran Starter Kit is a perfect way to see if your skin loves Kari Gran.  The true test is how your skin feels!




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