March 01, 2016

About Wear Yourself In

For years the beauty industry has pushed an impossible idea of flawless youth, rather than embracing the natural aging process that enables us to reflect the life we’ve lived in; to show our hard won worry lines, smile-laden feathered lips, sun-weathered cheeks, marks, moles and all the things that make each of us unique.

It is time we stop telling women we need to pinched, plucked, plumped and pulled in order to look our best, and instead, encourage them to be gentle on themselves and on their skin; and to reflect and respect the wisdom and character we can impart on the world, one face at a time.

 We’re not alone in this mission, each month we are partnering with bloggers, authors, entrepreneurs, risk-takers, role models and reflective women to share what “Wear Yourself In” means to them. Read their heart-felt essays and learn more about Wear Yourself In.




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