By my own admission, I am a beauty junkie — obsessed with beauty products since my teens. But after I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder in my late twenties I started taking a more informed look at what I was putting on my skin. I learned that, like a giant sponge, anything you put directly on your skin is absorbed right into the blood stream. It turned out that the beauty products I was using weren’t so pretty after all, but instead, chemical concoctions — many of them hormone disruptors.

My endocrine system did not approve. Undaunted, I began searching for natural alternatives. After finding an abundance of what I’ll call “earthy” products and plastic packaging I was left yearning for something simple, elegant and subtly scented — the little black dress of eco-skin care. Fast forward to my forties, when I started thinking about developing my own, personal, back-to-basics approach to elegant skin care by seeking out the fundamental ingredients our skin requires in order to thrive.

I have developed a thorough understanding of our most basic skin needs, as well as the elements that nourish a healthy complexion. Combining these elements with a simple, daily ritual yielded fantastic results.

My skin approved and I believe yours will too.


The Kari Gran brand was founded by Kari Gran and her longtime friend Lisa Strain. Lisa and Kari, both successful real estate brokers, met “in the business,” and became close friends. It was Lisa who originally inspired Kari to move beyond her kitchen where she made her first batches of eco-skin care products for friends. Today the two partners work in a loft in Downtown Seattle making products and running the Kari Gran e-commerce business. Kari continues to develop products in their lab while Lisa keeps the business humming.



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