Natural lip balm


Lips take a lot of abuse, yet they are one of the most delicate parts of our bodies. Constantly exposed to irritants such as environmental pollutants, weather, food, drinks and harmful lip products, they have no oil or sweat glands to protect them from exposure. But lips get the short shrift when it comes to skin care. Most women think that lipstick gives ample protection, what they don’t know however, is that lipstick is not a skin care product. In fact many lipsticks are loaded with harmful ingredients such as lead, aluminum and petroleum that get absorbed right into the body — where’s the protection in that? Bottom line, don’t neglect the care of your lips, they need protection and care just as much, if not more than the skin on your face.

In order to help you care for your luscious lips we offer The Kari Gran line of Lip Whips — perfect everyday lip balms that complement the Kari Gran skin care system. Buttery soft, shiny, rich and thick. Handmade in Seattle. Only tested on ourselves, never on animals. Our Lip Whips contain a soothing combination of organic, wildharvested and non-GMO ingredients for a sensual, glossy, moisturizing boost — not a drop of petroleum in sight. Packaged in petite MIRON screw top pots and marked with expiration dates, Lip Whips are handy in the purse, in the car or on the night stand so there is no excuse to neglect your lips. Available in a variety of naked, sheer and pigmented options, our Lip Whips prove you don’t have to sacrifice luxury when you use a product that’s good for you.



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