Holistic Skin Care Tips for Healthy Skin

Standing in the skin care aisle at your local beauty store can feel overwhelming. An endless array of products seems to be staring down at you from the shelves, promising a younger appearance, brighter skin tones, and the removal of fine lines and wrinkles. Not only does it feel impossible to choose a product that is right for you, but it also implies that your skin needs to meet an impossible beauty standard.

At Kari Gran, we believe the key to beautiful skin is healthy skin. When we treat ourselves with compassion and use naturally-derived, organic products that make us feel good, we uncover our own inherent beauty. If you’re tired of the marketing hype, and believe that there is a better way to obtain healthier skin, we agree. Here are some natural skin care tips you can add into your daily regime:


Stay Hydrated

When it comes to the best tips for perfect skin, hydration always hits top of the list. Increasing your daily intake of water is not only great for your overall health, but will also make your skin look and feel plumper and more vibrant. Water increases your skin’s resiliency and creates a natural and constant detoxifying process that removes toxins that we’re exposed to in our environment.


Moisturize Regularly

Drinking more water will help balance the moisture levels in your skin, but we often need a little extra boost. Exposure to harsh weather elements, artificial heating and cooling, pollutants and other environmental elements can draw out our skin’s natural oil and leave us with dry, dull skin. The best way to quench your skin’s thirst is by adding a natural tonic, moisturizer, or oil into your daily regime. As we say, the “Magic is in the Mix”, we like creating a custom moisturizer using 3 to 4 pumps of the Kari Gran Hydrating Tonic and 1 to 2 pumps of Essential Serum to replenish extra dry skin. Or experiment and customize your own “secret potion.” We encourage creativity.


Eat Well

We are what we eat. Many of our skin issues can stem from what we feed ourselves. Nourishing your body with good minerals, fatty acids and leafy greens will not only make you feel great, but will also promote a brighter, clearer complexion. Antioxidant-rich foods, such as fruits and vegetables, protect your skin from the damages of free radicals, while those heavy in Vitamin C helps your body produce more collagen, an important protein responsible for the elasticity of your skin. Other vital foods to add to your diet are those that contain Vitamin E, Selenium, Omega-3 and Omega-6 fats, and Zinc.


Switch Your Facewash

You’ve swapped out your genetically-modified produce for organic options, but have you taken a look at your skin care products? Many face washes contain harsh, synthetic ingredients (like sulfates) that you would never put in your body; so why are you putting them on your face? When choosing a face wash, read the label. Select products that are limited to clean ingredients that can be found in nature such as our natural Cleansing Oil, an organic blend of sunflower, avocado, castor seed, and lavender oils.


Use Sun Protection Daily

One of the best tips for healthy skin is to protect it from sun damage—and we’re not just talking about sunburns you get on the beach. The sun emits two different forms of harmful ultraviolet rays, one being the UVB rays that cause burning, and the other, UVA rays, which contributes to the aging of skin. The tricky part about UVA rays is that they can pass through glass, meaning you are exposed to them nearly all day. Adding a naturally-derived, broad-spectrum SPF, like our Essential SPF (mineral sunscreen), as a final touch to your holistic skin care regime is a great way to stay protected.


Choose a Simple Skincare Solution

For simple, straightforward skincare products that are organic, naturally derived, and non-GMO, try Kari Gran. Our items are hand-poured, packed in recyclable bottles, and never tested on animals. Combined with healthy lifestyle habits, Kari Gran offers a holistic model for total, clean skincare and maintenance.