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JUNE 12, 2017


June 12, 2017


I dropped into the Kari Gran headquarters back in December to drop off some holiday goodies when Kari surprised me with a beautiful custom blended Lip Whip she had made for me. This gift wasn’t just incredibly thoughtful, it was the perfect shade of lip color that I didn’t even know I needed.

To say that Kari is a very busy person would be the understatement of the year, so the fact that she took the time to create something that suited me so well was truly special. It was the gifting equivalent of meeting someone who instantly just gets you and sees how special and unique you are. Everyone desires deep down to feel “seen” and to be truly appreciated, and this gift did just that for me.

What I didn’t expect was how the beautiful magenta color itself had a positive emotional effect on me just looking at it in its pretty little jar. According to color psychology, magenta is the color of universal harmony, love and emotional balance. It promotes compassion, self-respect and contentment and lifts our spirits if we are feeling sad, angry or frustrated. Magenta is also the color of the non-conforming free spirit and encourages change and transformation, helping us let go of the baggage that prevents us from realizing our dreams.

There isn’t a lot of science behind color psychology, but if this is true, we could all use more magenta in our lives! And as luck would have it, these “magenta themes” of letting go, embracing change, creating emotional balance, and treating our bodies with respect are exactly what I work to teach my clients who are seeking to transform their health and create positive relationships with their bodies.

Another beautiful thing is that when this color is found in foods, it provides some amazing nutrition benefits. In addition to being delicious, magenta colored fruits such as berries, plums and pomegranate are anti-inflammatory and loaded with antioxidants, which studies have shown reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, and improve glucose metabolism. They are also rich in vitamins c and e, calcium, selenium, lutein and both alpha and beta carotene.

Dark berries are my favorite fruit by a long shot because they are nutrient dense and low in sugar, and I enjoy them in my morning smoothies nearly every day. They are also a great way to add some color and sweetness to a summer salad or to drop into a champagne glass of sparkling water to add a little je ne sais quoi.

So, the next time you’re feeling a little melancholy and need a pick-me-up, try wearing something in a vibrant magenta or adding elements of this wonderful shade to your home décor to brighten things up. I personally like to shake off the blues by putting on my favorite black dress, rocking my “Jeannie” Lip Whip, and enjoying a bowl of beautiful fresh berries topped with a dollop of whipped coconut cream or a berry almond smoothie.

Berry Almond Smoothie Recipe

  • 1 Tbsp almond butter
  • 4 raw walnuts (or 1 Tbsp chopped)
  • 8-10 oz unsweetened non-dairy milk
  • 1 cup organic mixed berries – strawberry, blueberry & raspberry (fresh or frozen)
  • 1 serving vegan protein powder, berry flavored (Dale’s Strawberry Banana is great!)
  • 1 tablespoon ground flaxseed

Blend and enjoy!