100% plastic neutral

While Kari is the north star for what is safe to put on our bodies, Lisa does the same when it comes to the eco-friendly part of our brand. 

At KG, we’ve always been as plastic-free as we can be, all our skincare is in MIRON glass but we do have to use plastic for a few things here and there.  A couple of years back when Lisa was in West Africa, the real impact of the plastic problem smacked her upside the head.  Alongside streams and every major road, there were literally piles of plastic bottles many feet high.  And all that plastic is working its way into the ocean.  The same ocean we all share.

So even though we are small, we are a mighty group of women, and we want to be part of the solution.  While always working to shrink our own plastic footprint, every KG order is 100% plastic neutral!  Through our financial contribution to Plastic Bank, we are preventing 1 million plastic bottles from polluting the oceans and in turn, are also helping create good-paying jobs for folks in still developing countries—our global sisters.

three images one of plastic in ocean, one of a bag and another of people outside a plastic back facility



The world has a plastic problem, and we need to address globally. Plastic pollution is devastating our oceans, wildlife and in turn, our health.

  • 260 billion pounds of plastic packaging are created annually. Reusable alternatives avoid new plastic pollution and reduce the devastation to our environment.
  • Up to 24 billion pounds of plastic enter the ocean each year. Without change, this problem will get worse, increasing up to 10x over the next decade.
  • Only 8.4% of plastic is recycled int he US, no matter how much we put into our recycling bins. The test ends up in landfills or pollutes our oceans, rivers, and land.



Every time you receive plastic from us, we collect and recycle the same amount of ocean-bound plastic pollution. When you choose skincare and beauty products from Kari Gran, you're taking plastic out of waterways and sending it to be recycled — right where it belongs.



To do this, we weigh and record the amount of plastic in every product we sell. This allows us to calculate how much plastic we're sending in each order, and then we collect the same amount of plastic pollution in partnership with Plastic Bank.


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