Cleanse, Hydrate, Protect and Go


As we age, we don’t need more skincare products, we need better ones. Our natural, oil-based products are packed with ingredients that replenish moisture and promote healthy, happy skin. 

We also believe in skincare as simple as it should be. Healthy skin is as easy as cleanse, hydrate, protect and go.

 Cleanse, hydrate, protect and go steps


Essential Cleansing Oil 

What is it:  A gentle oil cleanser that removes all traces of makeup, sunscreen and pollution. Removes impurities and balances skin’s natural oil production. 

How to use:  At night apply 8-10 pumps into dry hands, then onto dry face. Massage for 2 minutes or more to remove makeup and impurities. Wipe off with a warm washcloth. Repeat if necessary. 

Tips and tricks:

  • Use a clean washcloth every night.
  • Use 8-10 pumps. This allows your hands to move easily over your skin without tugging or pulling (neither are a good thing for skin).
  • You don’t need to cleanse in the morning unless you have worked out or feel you need it. 

Multi-tasking wonders:

  • Moisture Mask. Apply 8-10 pumps into dry hands and then to dry skin. Massage in well for up to 2 minutes then leave on for 20 minutes. Remove with a warm washcloth.
  • Double Cleanse. Ideal for days when you are outdoors, wearing layers of SPF and exposed to the elements, or days when you wear more makeup than usual.
  • Shaving. You can use the cleansing oil as a shaving oil for your legs.




Essential Hydrating Tonic and Essential Serum (Hydrating Duo)

What is it:  A customizable hydration and moisturization duo that fits your skin’s needs. Delivers vitamins and nutrients to the deeper layers of the skin, softening the tiny lines and creases.

How to use:

Morning:  Mix 3 pumps Essential Hydrating Tonic + 1 pump Essential Serum

Nightly:  Mix 2 pumps Essential Hydrating Tonic + 2 pumps Essential Serum

Tips and tricks:

Your skin can be a bit like the weather, changing from day to day.  Switch up how you blend your serum and tonic based on your skin’s needs.  If your skin feels dehydrated, it needs more tonic (hydration).  If your skin is feeling drier, use more serum (moisturization). When feeling super dry, Kari uses 4 pumps of essential serum to 5 pumps of the tonic.  Play with it.  There is no wrong combination. 

Multi-tasking wonders:

  • Mid-day pick-me-up. Mist, mist, and more mist.  Kari’s got a bottle of Hydrating Tonic on her desk and uses as a touch-free moisturizer to refresh her skin.
  • Evening trick. Mix equal parts of serum and tonic together and then apply a small amount of Essential Serum Balm over the top to really seal in the moisture.
  • Cuticle treatment. Use the serum on your cuticles as a moisturizing treatment.




Essential SPF 

What is it:  A luxe oil-based mineral sunscreen that protects against harmful UV rays. If you don't protect your skin with SPF, it doesn’t matter how many anti-aging creams you use.

How to use: Morning: After your moisturizer (serum + tonic) has fully absorbed. Shake well and prime pump until product is opaque. Apply at least one pump to you face. Apply additional pumps to the neck and chest. These areas that are often ignored. 

Tips and tricks:

  • If you already feel hydrated in the morning, apply the SPF on bare skin as it doubles as a lightweight moisturizer + SPF.
  • The more hydrated your skin, the less white cast from the zinc oxide.
  • The skin around the eye is much thinner than the rest of the face, pat a small amount on the under-eye area (use the ocular bone as your guide) to refresh the skin and add uv protection.


In the morning follow with your makeup routine or simply go!


three images of the essential cleanser, essential hydrating duo and spf