We're Hiring

Head of eCommerce Marketing

The company: 

Kari Gran is a rapidly-growing natural skincare company, based in Seattle, distributed nationally through eCommerce, large retailers (Sephora), specialty retailers, and Amazon. 2018 sales are projected to grow by 67%, driven primarily through outstanding top-of-the-funnel marketing via public relations and beauty bloggers, along with an emerging program using paid Facebook/Instagram ads. 

The company is in the process of completing its first round of outside financing, with 100% of the funds earmarked to build a professional eCommerce marketing organization and to dramatically increase marketing spend.

Job Overview:

Kari Gran is seeking an experienced eCommerce marketing professional who will take ownership for the direct-to-consumer channel, with responsibility for brand story-telling, customer acquisition, loyalty marketing, social media, public relations, website design and optimization, email, remarketing, and analytics – basically everything.

  • Education: The company doesn’t care about education level, as long as the candidate has proved they can create compelling brand stories, rapidly scale eCommerce revenue, and hit budgeted targets.
  • Experience: Could be 5 years but more likely 10 or more. The key is to have successfully built a strong brand and to have worked in a fast-paced environment, dealing daily with all issue related to optimizing every aspect of the eCommerce channel.
  • Strong connection with local freelancers in the creative community.
Personal Characteristics:
  • An understanding of what it means to tell a brand story, and to have strong connections with brand thinkers, writers, designers, photographers, producers, and directors.
  • Relentless focus on increasing sales. Someone who spends every minute of every business day trying to find the next idea that can lead to a few more percentage points of gain. 
  • Ability to work on a small team with minimal support. You will be able to assess who needs to be on your team and build it, but we’re not looking for someone who just wants to manage. We need someone who will dive in and make things happen. Could be with employees. Could be with freelancers. You decide.
  • And finally, you’re someone who wants balance in your life.  We want someone who works like a maniac and is creative in solving problems, but we place no value in the middle of the night emailing or ridiculously long hours. 
  • We do value a commitment to integrity, honesty, customer service, kindness, big thinking and willingness to run to FedEx when it’s all-hands-on-deck time. A wicked sense of humor is a definite plus.