Organic skin care


At Kari Gran we believe that ingredients matter. All of our hand-poured products are made using only the finest natural, organic, wildharvested and non-GMO ingredients and are free of parabens and toxins, (parabens and toxins in skin care have been linked to serious diseases, and are known to mess with the body and act as hormone disruptors). What else you won’t find in our products are petrochemicals, phtalates, mineral oil, chemical additives, preservatives, synthetic fragrances or animal-tested ingredients — the true rogue’s gallery of skin care. Rest assured, our products are both good for the body and the endocrine system. Made with 100% pure ingredients — our skin care line contains absolutely no water or fillers. FYI, most beauty cleansers and moisturizers on the market count water as their lead ingredient, often up to 80% of the product. Our oil-based products are packaged in sleek dark violet glass bottles that block light and protect the delicate oils, mimicking the “cool, dark place” required for natural-based ingredients. Each bottle is marked with a handwritten expiration date to guarantee freshness.



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