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In 2020, only 2.3% of venture capital funding was received by women-owned companies. Together, we can change that.

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Although we have several years of business behind us, Kari Gran Skincare is still unknown to most. When we first launched Kari and Lisa did everything, from financing, sourcing ingredients, producing, and even building the first website.  We were initially supported by friend’s buying product and spreading the word.  And then we found even more support from tens of thousands of customers, from all walks of life, all over the country. 


Over the years, we’ve been asked by many of our customers if they could invest in our company, because they believe in our products, align with our values, and want to be a part of our mission. And now you can, by working with StartEngine, a crowdfunding platform, we can offer approachable entry levels for investment. It’s exciting for us and you, our community.



  • We are a pioneer in clean beauty, with an established line of premium products, all organic, naturally derived, non-GMO, or wild-harvested. You, our wildly loyal customer base (thank you) has given us your vote of confidence with over 7,000 5-star reviews.


  • We have strong momentum, with our direct-to-consumer website; a growing business on Amazon; strong distribution in leading department stores Macy’s and Saks; and specialty Clean Beauty retailers like Credo, Follain, Detox Market and Grove.


  • We fill a significant gap in the market. There are 83-million women over the age of 40 in the U.S. alone. They are looking for solutions for their changing skin due to natural estrogen depletion. There are a small handful of companies that address this market, but it is vastly underserved given the scale of the opportunity.


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Right around 40, a woman’s skin begins to change due to the natural decrease in estrogen leading up to menopause. Skin becomes dry, flaky, dull, and saggy.  There is a loss of collagen and natural oil, nature’s answer to firm, glowing skin.  Our generation wants to remain vital and age beautifully with a simple, easy-to-follow system. We are determined to find solutions to make that a reality but are no longer falling for false promises.


As we age, we don’t need more skincare products, we need better ones. Our natural, oil-based products packed with nourishing ingredients replenish moisture. Skin will instantly feel better, more supple, softer, and fresher. It’s as easy as cleanse, hydrate, protect, and go.


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Clean Beauty

“Clean Beauty” as a category has evolved from being a mere buzzword to a revolutionary movement that is redefining the beauty and skincare standards across the globe. What started as a trend is gradually becoming an expectation demanded by consumers.


Today, Clean Beauty is the fastest growing segment of the beauty industry. Total U.S. dollar volume for the Clean Beauty category in 2020 was over $5.4-billion, and it is expected to grow at arate of over 12% through 2027.


Indie Brand

Buried within the bigger statistics has been the rise of small, independent brands finding success by focusing on unique niches within the category. This has led to a highly fragmented market with no clear leader. Unlike traditional beauty, where a handful of companies dominate distribution, Clean Beauty is being led by small independent brands, each one focused on its own unique niche.

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Marketing Message

Traditionally, skincare companies target women with negative messaging. Promises touted by celebrities and unrealistic role models offer aspirational solutions that leave customers disappointed. We are a brand that markets to women 40+ who want to “love the skin they’re in,” with products designed to replenish, hydrate, and protect the skin we have. We under-promise and over-deliver every day.



All of our simple solution-based products are delivered in their most potent state using only the finest organic, naturally derived, wild harvested, or non-GMO ingredients. Our products do not have any added water or cheap fillers, to ensure you’re only getting the ingredients that matter. Many competitors use fillers or water, which dilutes the product, giving the consumer more volume and less potency.


Founders Close to the Customer & Voice in the Industry

Kari and Lisa know you, our customers. Both were former real estate agents who pivoted to the competitive world of skincare because they believed in their product and mission.  Now Kari is a leader in the clean beauty space and speaks regularly at industry and customer events.  Her approachable style and commitment to offering women a simple, sensible solution to their skincare challenges has created a loyal following.


Environmental Responsibility

A total commitment to environmental responsibility and sustainability is integrated into our day-to-day operations, including recycling, reduced packaging, and urging our retail partners to do the same.




Why now?

We have consistently seen steady growth, but want to significantly grow KG at this point and this type of growth requires significant investment.


Why crowdfunding?

It’s new and exciting as it makes investing approachable by lowering the cost of entry, allowing us to invite our die-hard customers. It also opens up  more opportunity for women-owned businesses, which have been largely ignored by the investor community.


What’s the minimum investment

Investment tiers start at $259 with perks (KG product discounts) starting at $500.


Will this change you?

No!  We believe in our product and mission and will never veer from this. 


Why should we invest?

We are an established line in a growing industry, with strong momentum from our website and retail distribution.  We see a significant gap in the market, serving the 83-million women over the age of 40 who are experiencing changes to their skin.


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We look forward to growing together in 2022!