Facial Oil


Although oil-based cleansing is a new approach for many in America, it has been used by various cultures around the world for centuries. It provides a luxurious alternative to many detergent-based products designed to strip oil from the skin without replenishing it — succeeding only to signal the skin to make more oil.

Facial cleansing oil operates on the principle that “like attracts like.” Applying healthy, plant based oil on the skin and steaming it away draws out grimy oils from within, while still maintaining the skin’s natural balance for soft and supple results. Important to note, Kari Gran products are not made from mineral oils or petroleum products, which suffocate skin and clog pores – beauty products with these ingredients are never a good idea.


Our products are hand-poured in small batches using the finest available natural, organic, wildharvested, and non-GMO ingredients. There will be subtle variations in our product line from time to time — the natural result of our buying ingredients in small batches to ensure freshness. For instance, lavender grown in rocky volcanic soil may have a subtly different scent than lavender grown in the rich black soil of a river valley. As an essential oil, Lavender also matures, like fine wine — adding complexity to its scent. So, if you have a finely tuned sense of smell you just might detect a very slight difference in the fragrance of our Hydrating Tonic, Essential Serum or Cleansing Oil, depending on the source of lavender used in our essential oils from one batch to the next. Other variations may not be readily apparent but are, again, part of our “small batches with the freshest ingredients” philosophy. What you won’t find in our products are petrochemicals, parabens, phtalates, mineral oil, chemical additives, toxins, preservatives, synthetic fragrances or animal-tested ingredients — the true rogue’s gallery of skin care.


Kari Gran skin care products are packaged in special 100% recyclable dark violet MIRON Glass bottles. MIRON blocks the complete spectrum of visible light (aside from non-threatening violet), which would otherwise accelerate molecular decay among preservative-free and toxin-free ingredients. The sturdy, European imported glass is shatter resistant and provides the proverbial cool, dark place suggested by many natural products as the ideal storage environment for your facial Cleansing Oil — without having to run to the refrigerator every time you cleanse your face.



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