Concealer 1.4g

This wonderful lightweight silky mineral powder is an amazing concealer. Perfect for minimizing dark circles and skin imperfections. Great as a primer for eyelids and a highlight for under the eyebrow. Please select a shade from the drop-down.
We suggest using the residue of the concealer in the lid of the container to dip into. Simply tap off any excess powder from your brush before application. To use as a liquid spot concealer, simply mix a small drop of Essential Serum with an equal amount of Concealer in the palm of your hand and apply with the tip of your ring finger. Pat in, please, no tugging or pulling. For a light to medium powder coverage, apply to face with a soft brush.
  • Lightweight, silky textured powder

  • Great for under eye dark circles and areas that need more coverage  

  • Add a drop of the Essential Serum for a liquid spot concealer

  • Cruelty-Free: tested on our skin, never on animals

  • Eco-luxe and formulated without parabens

  • Apply with a small makeup brush to dark areas and skin imperfections.
  • “Build” the amount with multiple applications for more coverage.
  • Mix a very small amount of Concealer with an equal amount of the Essential Serum for a liquid concealer.
  • Please be gentle around the eye area. Use the ring finger to pat the concealer in, being careful not to tug or pull on the delicate skin surrounding the eye.
  • Titanium Dioxide

  • Iron Oxide

  • Mica

  • Zinc Oxide