Oh Lemons! How Do We Love Thee?

December 23, 2018

cut lemons next to a cup of tea and spoon

Let us count the ways.

  • Rise and shine! Before you reach for your morning cup of caffeine, try beginning your day with a cup of warm water and juice of half a lemon. This gives your digestive system a gentle wake-up call and primes your body to absorb nutrients from your breakfast.  
  • If you’d like something a bit more exotic, add a drop or two of honey or agave, and a pinch of cayenne or some freshly chopped ginger.
  • Lemons are good for your skin: they’re exceptionally high in Vitamin C, which is an anti-oxidant as well as an essential nutrient for collagen, an immune booster.
  • One lemon contains 40 percent of your recommended intake of Vitamin C!
  • One lemon has only 17 teeny-tiny calories!
  • Lemon juice helps to keep your skin acidic, which might not sound so pretty, but acts as a natural antiseptic to bacteria, helping to keep skin healthy and clear.
  • Lemon water is good for your liver. It helps to eliminate nasty toxins (like that 3rd glass of wine?)  and helps to reduce liver inflammation.
  • Lemons are a great source of phosphorous. What, why do we need that?  Phosphorous is required for a healthy nervous system, brain, and memory.
  • Lemons are also a good way to get a dose of natural sodium. (And no, this is not the same as eating a bag of potato chips.) Sodium is a key player in eliminating waste, and some studies suggest that it also can help to prevent hardened arteries and arthritis inflammation.
  • Want a refreshing thirst-quencher? Keep a pitcher of distilled water with lots of lemon slices and a healthy splash of fresh lemon juice.  
  • For one gallon of lemon water, use juice of enough lemons to make a cup of fresh juice, and thinly slice one or two more to make it pretty. When it’s this fresh and appealing, it’s easy to sip your daily quota of water.
  • If you’re feeling fancy, add a few sprigs of mint or basil to your pitcher. (or rosemary, although I find that to be a little medicinal tasting.)
  • Experiment with large supercubes or globes of ice. Besides their visual impact, they keep water colder longer when it’s out of the fridge. Lots of ice molds are available on Amazon or perhaps at your local grocery store.    
  • Lemons smell like sunshine!

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