Kari’s Double Take On Cleansing

January 15, 2019

Double Cleansing

My skin is dry…really dry (like Sahara Desert dry).  Thanks to a cranky thyroid (or lack thereof) I have super dry skin and hair.  The thought of using a double cleanse system has never had any great appeal to me. I don't feel you need multiple products to thoroughly cleanse your skin. And don't get me started on micellar water. Anyway, back to my point.

Fast forward to an evening where I was using the Essential Cleansing Oil to remove my makeup and sunscreen. That day had been one where I wore more makeup than usual for photography. I felt like there was lots of extra “stuff” on my face that needed a little more help - so after my first application of the cleansing oil and massage, I simply removed it with a dry washcloth. My skin felt smooth, soft and clean but I missed the warm washcloth aromatherapy experience, so I just did the whole process again, massaged in a bit and then removed with the warm washcloth. Voilà, just like that, my “double” cleansing process was born. Nothing to feel guilty about with this double-dip! 

It’s not something I do all the time, but when I feel like my skin needs it, I’ll do it. Another easy way to amp up my cleansing is to simply massage the Cleansing Oil onto my skin for a few minutes and then leave it to sit, like a mask, for another 15-20 minutes while I read, meditate (ok, if the truth be told, I’m probably watching TV!)

So that is my take on "double cleansing". 

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