Just The Essentials By Adina Grigore

March 31, 2017

Update of book cover Just the Essentials

Author of the “Skin Cleanse,” Adina Grigore takes a down-to-earth, witty and humorous approach to essential oils in her latest, “Just the Essentials.” Adina cuts through the exaggerated marketing claims and confusion to bring science, history and practical uses of essential oils to light.

With numerous oils available, it’s easy to be overwhelmed before even getting started. Adina makes it easy by offering her list of top ten must have oils and a few bonus extras to start with. Even better, she gives us easy and practical recipes to try. From skincare, perfume, personal care, home care and aromatherapy, there’s tons of useful recipes packed into this read. A few on my list to try include All-purpose Counter Spray featuring rosemary and tea tree oil and a Sexy Sandalwood Perfume. Plus, it includes four seasonal candle recipes to swap out throughout the year.

The book itself is wonderfully illustrated and an easy, quick read. Adina, who is also the founder of green beauty brand S.W. Basics, started off by explaining what led her to a natural and green lifestyle. Out of desperation to soothe her skin, Adina studied nutrition and implemented green, natural and toxic-free cleaning and care routines. Although initially skeptical about essential oils, she decided to give them a try and was relieved by the results. She even refers to essential oils as the rock star ingredients of S.W. Basics products.

Personally, I found the advice on how to choose quality essential oils invaluable. It’s hard to sift through marketing claims let alone tackle what distilling process is best. Don’t skip the FAQ section because there’s a lot more tips including what essential oil producers Adina has worked with herself. For anyone looking to get started with essential oils or long time users interested in looking for new recipes to try, “Just the Essentials” is a great resource.


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