#Greenboss Q & A: Vapour Beauty

June 28, 2017

#Greenboss Q & A: Vapour Beauty

Get to know Vapour Beauty in our first ever #GREENBOSS Q & A.

How did you come up with the name Vapour? What do want the name to evoke?

Vapour was conceived during a difficult time for both myself and Krysia as individuals.  Krysia had been given a diagnosis of breast cancer recurrence. My mother had just died and I was helping plan her funeral. I was suffused with thoughts on ascending spirits and Krysia was consciously facing a major health challenge. We were both a bit shattered emotionally at that moment of the birth of what would become Vapour. We had an amazing truly life-changing phone conversation where we both decided it was also the perfect time to commit to something outrageously positive, uplifting, and healthy. That sense of spirits rising, and of positivity and of a recognition of the lightness of our time on earth all contributed to the naming inspiration. The word resonated in a beautiful way; the first distillate of precious essential oils is called Vapour. It also speaks to wanting to create products that tread lightly on the skin and on the planet. Taos is a Muse to both of us. The high altitude light here has an exquisite quality, especially at sunrise and sunset. At sunrise, that hopeful start to the day, we can see the water droplets charged by the warmth of the rising sun as they evaporate. That moment always connects to Vapour rising and spreading its light touch. – Kristina

How do you define green beauty?

We describe ‘green beauty’ as beauty products that support health and beauty rather than fight it; products that contribute to wellness without presenting our systems with any toxins to process. The twenty-first century Green Beauty also needs to perform at a level that equals or surpasses conventional products. Vapour cosmetics are a true Green Beauty. We like to say they are an extension of your skin care because they are rich in potent organic ingredients, antioxidants and essential fatty acids that nourish and protect skin. AND they offer luxurious depth and a variety of color and beautiful textures. -Krysia

What is your current favorite product this season (Summer)?

Summer is all about staying hydrated and protecting skin from the sun’s rays. We love Kari Gran SPF 28 and use it liberally while gardening, hiking and river rafting all summer in in Taos. What can really take a beating and is often forgotten is our hands.

Vapour Replenish Organic Nail & Cuticle Oil is our go-to. It contains 10 organic ingredients traditionally used for facial treatments to nourish and deeply moisturize hands, nails, and cuticles.

The star ingredient in Replenish is Reishi Mushroom which is rich in biotin to supports nail strength and flexibility and prevents chipping and cracking. Other ingredients include silica-rich Horsetail Herb, skin brightening Camellia Oil and super antioxidant Pomegranate seed oil. -Krysia

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