June 18, 2013 Sally Bjornsen


The book What to Wear for the Rest of Your Life: Ageless Secrets of Style by Kim Johnson Gross is never bossy or pedantic like you might suspect a “style maven’s” book to be. Instead Kim Johnson Gross is a friendly voice, one that is more apt to empathize than admonish (not like those Skinny Bitches). As a veteran of the unforgiving fashion industry, Johnson Gross weaves her own tale of a mid-life body change that challenged not only her wardrobe but her sense of self. She gives great advice to fellow aging fashionistas and offers up practical soloutions to “closet problems.” Chapters include: Closet Betrayal, the Lying Mirror, Shop Smart for the Rest of your Life, How to Wear a Shirt When You No Longer Have a Waist and Other Closet Dramas.

I was grateful that this book found me as I was sweating off the extra glass of wine from the night before and pouring over the news about Kate Middleton’s baby on the way. I can truly say that it was meant to be, particularly as I contemplate my mid life wardrobe and my shopping habits. Hopefully the author’s advice, reflection, humor, and stories will help to inform my new and improved mid-life style.

A solid thumbs up. A keeper. This is not your standard fashion advice book. I only wish I would have written it myself!

Professional Review Here: Every woman’s closet-no matter the size-is a room of her own. In that space hang side by side the special occasions and the everyday, the triumphs and the disasters, the memories we want to keep and those we should jettison. Gross helps us to reconsider our closet identity and discover who we want to be. She shares her personal journey and the intimate, poignant and often humorous stories of the dozens of women she interviewed across the country. Along with calming fashion advice about how to choose flattering clothes that will fit any woman’s shape and style, Gross’s engaging stories will help every woman evolve gracefully from wife to mother, from empty-nester to globe-trotting adventurer–whatever role she chooses–while letting her style express her inner beauty. (Amazon)




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