January 23, 2014 Sally Bjornsen


I trust a word of mouth endorsement better than any national campaign.  With most major new purchases I will ask a friend about their experiences before I visit a website or head to yelp or read an amazon review.  I was introduced to Kari Gran skin care through a friend who said, “You have to try this product!”  I was not in the market for a new skin care line and certainly hadn’t considered using oil to cleanse my face.  My friend’s emphatic endorsement, coupled with her smooth skin, convinced me to buy a Kari Gran Starter Kit.

Word of mouth marketing works because it isn’t a sales pitch.  It’s not the high decibel car salesman screaming at you on the television.  It’s a friend who excitedly tells you that In-N-Out is the BEST burger on the planet or that Jawz taco truck in Maui is a must-visit destination.  A mom-and-pop business relies on word of mouth to make it, which is why every customer encounter counts. 

Word of mouth marking has an official organization, Womma, which helps its clients capitalize on word of mouth and social media, stating that “any business action that earns a customer recommendation” is classified as word of mouth.  Their clients include such “mom-and-pops” as Sony, McDonald’s, and Nissan which shows that even the big guys know the importance of positive reference. 

I’ve been spreading the word about Kari Gran because I see results with the product.  I also believe in the philosophy of the founders, beauty comes from being kind to yourself and to your skin, but most of the word of mouth buzz I’ve been generating is from friends approaching me and asking me what I’m using on my skin.  Now THAT’s the best endorsement anyone could ask for.




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