January 22, 2016 Kari Gran


Most people only know what sugar does to their waistline. In fact, I was just having this conversation with a friend, and she was a little startled to hear about what sugar can do to your skin — it’s not pretty. I know that glycation wreaks HAVOC on your body, but I still get hooked. Here’s a little peek from an article I recently read in Rodale Wellness:

“Today, sugar has earned a bad rep in numerous arenas, and nobody deep dives into a hot fudge sundae and expects to have healthy, glowing skin. But what really jeopardize great skin are the sneaky sugars hiding in so-called healthy foods. 

Regardless of where it comes from, sugar clings to your hard-working proteins in a process called glycation, gumming those proteins up, making them ineffective, and creating advanced glycation end products with their appropriate acronym AGEs. Among its damage, studies show excess sugar makes those collagen (protein) fibers sticky, rendering them incapable of easy repair and wrecking havoc on your skin. Besides being what Bowden calls “free radical factories,” studies show AGEs increase inflammation. That cumulative damage delivers a serious whammy to healthy skin, triggering wrinkles, sagging, and dullness as your skin becomes more vulnerable to ultraviolet (UV) light and other potent damage.

To really dial down your AGEs load, you’ll want to go low-sugar impact and eliminate other potential skin-wrecking culprits. Employ these five strategies to minimize AGEs for healthy, glowing skin.”




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