December 12, 2013 Sally Bjornsen


The holiday season’s arrival always sends me searching for tips for sensitive winter skin.  I get dry, itchy skin that arrives around Christmas and stays through Easter.  One of my sons inherited my sensitive skin and the poor boy has chapped lips and hands which he only allows me to moisturize when he’s asleep (so technically he doesn’t allow it, but he snoozes right through my hurried application of various concoctions I’ve read about my “tips for sensitive winter skin” pursuit).

 I’ve collected a few winter skin tips that have worked over the years.  I hope some of these tips for sensitive winter skin help you vanquish your winter skin blues.

  1. Humidifier – a small, cold air humidifier helps replace the moisture that your heating system sucks from the room.  Just be sure to clean it so you don’t pump molds and other stagnant water lovelies through your room.
  2. Adjust your shower or bath – shorten your bathing time to five minutes and use warm, not how water.  The hot water will deplete any moisture you may have left in your skin.  Can you go a day without bathing?  If you can, the better for your skin.
  3. Switch your soap – nix the detergent soaps for a moisturizing option like Ellie’s Handmade Soaps.  They clean without drying out your skin.
  4. Exfoliate – body scrubs remove the dead skin cells so that your can successfully moisturize your skin.  You don’t need expensive scrubs that contain precious salt from the Dead Sea either.  Try making your own at home and see what works for you.  I like an equal mix of brown sugar and coconut oil but many other options are out there.
  5. Moisturize – Use an oil, like coconut oil, prior to drying off.  Then pat dry with a towel.  If you still require more moisturizing for your dry skin, use more of the oil after the skin is dry.




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