February 12, 2016 Kari Gran


It’s #finallyfriday and the official “end” to my 21 Day Transformation. The burning question you may be asking yourself, “Will you all recognize me?” Probably. I completely honored my process and didn’t feel the least bit beaten down when I had a glass of celebratory Prosecco and a few pieces of 85% dark chocolate. I simply dusted myself off and started again. With those two side trips, I did stay on my Vacation from Glycation, and now that my skin has settled down, I do believe I’m on the way to a fresh start. To be honest, I’m not yet “glowing” but I think it’s going to take longer than 21 days to see the fruits of my labor. This is also a lesson my older self has learned – no magic pill out there – you have to put the work every day to fully support the outcome you want. I really feel like I’m on my way. It was nice to do something that wasn’t measured by how many pounds I lost.

On to work, this little transformation seemed to open doors to new things that I might have not been so welcoming of in the past. My yoga practice hit a roadblock due to scheduling and rather than wallow in the “poor me” camp that things were changing and I needed to adapt (that everything happens for a reason is fabulous when it’s something really cool, but not so much when it disrupts your norm). I decided this was the perfect opportunity to find something new.  Could be yoga, could be barre, pilates or just plain old strength training.  Or, it could be a mix of all.  I’m in the land of discovery, and it’s actually pretty fun. I suppose that speaks to the power of transformation. It might not feel so great at first, but if you take a different look at the situation, things may work out for the better.

Frankly, I’m much closer to 50 than I am 40 and I’d like to move in that direction feeling my best. What’s that going to take? Taking care of business every day…. not just when I feel like it.

I’d like the thank the lovely Kristin Dahl of Dahl House Nutrition for inviting me to participate in this little journey.  Her book is so good and full of great information. So, I highly recommend if you’re looking for little kick in the pants.





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